Club of the Month: January 2015

by Alex Salamon | Jan 27, 2015
Congratulations to the Pumpkin Patch Browns Backers!

Pumpkin Patch Browns Backers
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President: Gus Angelone

Registered Members: 56

Accomplishments for the month of January 2015: Since January is the start of a new year, I felt that showing our social media growth over the past year was an intricate part of who we are as a club.

Facebook: We had 935 new "likes" during the year for a new total of 5,401 followers.

Instagram: We had 4,430 new followers for a new total of 6,741 followers.

Twitter: We gained 5,201 followers for a new total of 10,024 followers.

All social media outlets combined, we have 22,166 followers. Our followers continue to grow daily. Not a bad footprint for a Browns Backer club.

Roster growth: We are currently at 56 registered members. Since the portal is brand new, we thought we would start here for this month. Similar to many other chapters, we are continually working through this new format and expect future growth to rise.

Special Events: We are currently planning a small Super Bowl party for the members of the club. This party will also act as a meeting of sorts to begin the opening planning of our draft party in April.

Charitable Efforts: We put together a raffle basket for a family member of a member of the club. This is going to raise funds to help her with medical bills from being diagnosed with breast cancer. Estimated value: $500

Our club meets for every Browns home & away game. In addition, we meet for other NFL, Browns and Ohio State Buckeye events. This month, we have been featured on both ESPN, & NBC Sports social media outlets. Hopefully things will change for us Browns fans & these articles will be more positive.