Club of the Year | Chi-Town Dawg Pound

by Jordan Garcia | Jan 19, 2017

The Cleveland Browns would like to congratulate the Chi-Town Dawg Pound for being named the 2016 Browns Backers Worldwide Club of the Year! Through their social media engagement, roster growth, special events, community outreach and charitable efforts, they have shown they are well deserving to receive this great honor. Below is a summary of the efforts and achievements of the club:

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Social Media Engagement

  • 406 new Facebook Page Likes (for a total of 1671 Page Likes) – an increase of 42%
    • Over 11,900 total Facebook Likes on all our posts this year
    • One Facebook post reached 6,827 people (usual reach is 500 – 5000 people)
    • 32 Facebook Photo Albums (from the efforts of 2 talented photographers)
  • 215 new Twitter followers (for a total of 923 followers) – an increase of 30%
  • 238 new Instagram followers (for a total of 1,190 followers) – an increase of 25%
  • 30 members emails sent (weekly during the season and as needed during the year)

Roster Growth on the Portal

  • In 2016, the club saw a 42% increase of members on the portal! They added 76 new registered members, making their total 256 on the portal.
  • The club saw this increase in numbers by physically having their officers introduce themselves and engage with new faces at their viewing location. The officers would ensure that anyone who wanted to become members would be signed up on the spot and would provide assistance through the entire process.
  • The Chi-Town Dawg Pound also created a business card with their social media information, meeting location, and a QR code that would link you directly to the club sign up page when scanned with a cell phone. Their Facebook page also included a "Sign Up" button linking directly to the club sign up page.

Special Events

  • Draft Party- with the club being in Chicago, the home of the 2016 NFL Draft, they saw this as a great opportunity for an entertaining event. The club hosted 160 guests and held a party that included giveaways,  games, and music.
  • Theme Games - during their viewing parties for the Browns games, the club would promote a different theme for each game. Some of these themes included High School Pride Day, Pig Roast, and a keg tapping.
  • The club held crowds of up to 350 Browns fans for games during the season!


Community Outreach / Charitable Efforts

  • During 3 weeks in September, the club raised $968 for the Cleveland Browns Foundation
  • In the month of October, they raised $1109 for PAWS Chicago
  • $2149 plus a $2000 grant was raised for the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs in November for a total of $4149
  • During 2 weeks in the month of the December, the club raised $700 for Habitat for Humanity
  • $450 was raised for The Healing Hamper during one week in January
  • Total Money Raised for Charity during the year of 2016 for the Chi-Town Dawg Pound was $7376


Again, we want to congratulate the Chi-Town Dawg Pound for all of their efforts during the year of 2016!

We encourage all clubs to continue to grow and give back to their communities!