Club of the Month | December 2017

by Nick Astalos | Jan 08, 2018

Congratulations to our December 2017 Club of the Month, Alamo Area Browns Backers from San Antonio, TX. Please take a look at a small snapshot of what they have accomplished this month:

  • Alamo Area Browns Backers organized member-only raffles and contests that helped registered membership grow 17.6% in the month of December and 57.5% since the start of the season.
  • On social media, their Facebook reactions have grown by 55% and their comments have grown by 100% in the month of December. In addition, through social media, they have begun to recruit new members for next season!
  • Alamo Area member, Larry Jackson attended the December 10 game vs. the Green Bay Packers to accept the Cleveland Browns Foundation grant check awarded to Ainsley’s Angels in Texas for the purchase of two Freedom Chairs to assist those with disabilities.
  • At the last game of the season, Alamo Area held a sign-up for the Browns First and 10 movement receiving over 30 sign-ups to help with various charitable activities during the offseason.
  • Used funds generated from raffles, autographed Myles Garrett helmet, and tickets to the Browns vs. Texans game to donate $500 to Habitat for Humanity to assist in the building of their 1,000th home in San Antonio.

Congratulations Alamo Area Browns Backers on a great month. Please continue all the great work! Thank you to all of our applying clubs.

Go Browns!

Alamo Area 1

Alamo Area 2