2017 Club of the Year | British Bulldawgs

by Nick Astalos | Feb 05, 2018

Congratulations to our 2017 Club of the Year, British Bulldawgs Browns Backers from London, England! Please take a look at a small snapshot of what they have accomplished this past year:

  • British Bulldawgs saw an increase in their membership from 50 to 142 total members, a 142% jump.
  • On social media, their Facebook reactions have grown from 250 followers to 573, a 129% increase.
  • British Bulldawgs served as the host club to all official Browns Backers activities during the Cleveland Browns trip to London, England to play the Minnesota Vikings in late October.
  • British Bulldawgs created event t-shirts, held fundraisers and raffles, and hosted appearances by Browns’ owners, Dee and Jimmy Haslam, alumni Josh Cribbs and Jim Brown, and other Browns staff during the Browns weekend in London. During this weekend, their party hosted fans from Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, Italy, Canada, the United States, and all over the United Kingdom.
  • Throughout this event and others, British Bulldawgs raised £1,167.20, which was donated to the Cleveland Browns Foundation.

Congratulations British Bulldawgs on a great year! Please continue all the great work! Thank you to all of our applying clubs.

Go Browns!