Club of the Month | November 2017

by Nick Astalos | Dec 06, 2017

Congratulations to our November 2017 Club of the Month, British Bulldawgs Browns Backers from London, England. Please take a look at a small snapshot of what they have accomplished this month:

  • The British Bulldawgs hosted all Browns Backers events over the October 29, 2017 weekend when the Cleveland Browns traveled to London to play the Minnesota Vikings. This included a party at The Admiralty, Trafalgar Square, which hosted a capacity 400 fans, and an overspill bar, which hosted an additional 150 fans. On game day, British Bulldawgs hosted an additional 200 fans for a pregame tailgate in Twickenham.
  • Since the announcement of the Browns’ London game, their roster has grown from 50 members to 141 members, with representation from all over the United Kingdom.
  • British Bulldawgs has increased their Facebook following from 200 to 560 members, their Twitter followers from 120 to 240 members, and have engaged with over 10,000 comments and posts on their social media platforms since the announcement of the Browns’ London game.
  • At the Browns Backers party on October 28, 2017, British Bulldawgs helped to raise £1,346.59 for the Cleveland Browns Foundation.

Congratulations British Bulldawgs Browns Backers on a great month. Please continue all the great work! Thank you to all of our applying clubs.

Go Browns!



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